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Dayton Wellness Center is about helping individuals listen to their bodies and learn how to make lifestyle changes geared towards health and wellness of the whole person.  Below you will find useful links intended to help educate each of us in identifying how our bodies function and how we can be as healthy as possible.


Videos are available through our YouTube Channel.  Click on a link below to open the video in a new window.


3 Paradigms to Health - by Dr. David Lee




Spiritual Wellness

Teachings are provided in PDF format and will open in a separate window for your convenience.


April 25, 2013
What Does it Mean to be Double Minded - by Josette Allen


April 11, 2013
As A Man (Or Woman) Thinks - by Josette Allen


June 27 , 2013
Victim Spirit - by Arthur Burke


Nutrition & Chemistry

Nutrition is key in wellness.  Below you will find information on diet, supplements, oils and other nutrition related topics.

Wellness Devices

Read about the tools available to tune in to what you body may be trying to say to you or tools that may help your body obtain what it needs.  Appointments available by calling (937) 836-3621.



ZYTO Compass Technology


Ionic Foot Bath


AMI750 - Cyma Technologies